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ANSEL.TV is live!

2013-03-11 13:27:05 by Ansel


I've been working on this shit for months now. If you've been waiting for new art, you're in luck - this site hosts almost everything I've done in the last 4 years, and most of it's NEVER BEFORE SEEN BY THE INTERNET. Check the Newsfeed if you want a little more info. PEACE

ANSEL.TV is live!


2012-10-10 19:00:04 by Ansel



2012-02-04 20:13:16 by Ansel

Hey, Newgrounds. I (and Snubby, of course) am proud to announce my latest work, a masterpiece so vast that its gestation has encompassed the complete conception, development, and release of Supertank, Buccaneer Battle, and Binary. It sure doesn't look it, but I hope you guys like it anyway.


Another newspost coming soon with some more updates. I just gotta let the world know about this game RIGHT NOW. A big thanks to NG for the sponsorship, too!


2011-06-22 16:29:11 by Ansel

uh hey everyone

It's been a while, but I've just uploaded my first Flash project in nearly a year: CRYSTALLINE

I did this one as a school project back in March. It sat on my hard drive waiting for polish until today, when I decided I was better off uploading it as-is. Vote fairly, and remember to tell me that it's too short!

some things happened: Binary won a National Gold Medal from the Scholastic Art Awards, and I traveled to New York to receive it at Carnegie Hall. I graduated from high school, and decided to head to MCAD next year. Now I'm relaxing and enjoying the fine Minnesota summer, but planning to get back into the swing of things here at Newgrounds and revive my Flash career(LOL). DON'T LOOK NOW, BUT I MIGHT MAKE SOME ART OH SHIT

thanks to all the dudes who bugged me during my hiatus. it's inspiring to know that someone out there wants to see new work. hopefully I won't disappoint. UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, ANSEL SIGNING OFF

New project, collaborators.

2010-08-29 18:51:38 by Ansel

I'm working on a new game. It's another puzzler, this time a point and click, and I'll explain why shortly, but first I'd like to give my belated thanks for the success of Binary. Everyone who favorited it and voted 5, everyone who told a friend, and last but certainly not least Tom Fulp for his sponsorship and promotion. you guys make me feel so loved.

On to the game. It's a puzzler in a fairly restricted environment, so I won't be showing off too much art before it's released, but I'll say that it's subaquatic and involves a giant bomb, political intrigue, scuba suits, nuclear radiation, and several corpses, none of which do you ever see alive (or kill, for that matter). I actually started working on it before Binary was even an idea, but I lost momentum and some of the scripting challenges I had to face seemed far out of my league (read: impossible). With my new programming skill (lie) and renewed dedication (also a lie) I shall be working nonstop (a third lie) to make it excellent (hopefully true, but 'decent' is a more realistic goal).

there are like a billion games I want to make, but my two biggest and best ideas are really only possible through a console release because Flash is garbage for anything above platformer complexity. Of the potential flash projects, the only ones I can code myself are the simpler ones, like puzzle games and single-level platformers. The reason I don't just work with a random programmer is that I'm looking for a collaborator who lives locally that I could work with in person, but that's proving to be difficult -- I think I picked the least common hobby in the state, which is probably why I'm a reclusive hermit. I live in a shack on a cliff wit an ethernet cable dangling down between the rocks, no shit. what I'm trying to get at here is: f you or someone you know a) live(s) in the Twin Cities area, b) is around the elder end of high-school age, c) can program well in actionscript, and d) are/is cool enough for the job, drop me a PM or something. a) and b) are pretty objective, but c) and d) could each have varying answers and I will have to judge skill and coolness on a case-by-case basis, not to get too big for my britches or anything here, and assuming there will be any cases to judge at all.

I digress catastrophically. here's a screenshot of the game that manages to show almost nothing at all. feast your hungry eyes upon the ladder and wonder at what hidden delights lurk below decks. that reminds me: yo Tom, when are you going to allow .png uploads? I love MSpaint jpeg-o-vision as much as everyone else, but really now. gettin tired of using pngs on literally every other website i visit, and then having to convert them to post here :3

New project, collaborators.

comic con / i sell out

2010-07-26 19:19:49 by Ansel

went to comic con. had fun.

yo tom here's a customer testimony for you

when my flight was changed without my knowledge and I had to spend fourteen hours in airports and planes to replace a three-hour nonstop flight, I reached a kind of plateau of lethargy, unable to move or think -- a spiritual experience of boredom and dull frustration. I survived the horror and eventually arrived home, but I never would've made it without the calming, lovably squishable muse of my foam squeeze chicken, which provided me with endless hours of excitement and fun in the airline terminal. thanks, behemoth!

comic con / i sell out


2010-07-20 15:24:31 by Ansel



console dev. + hello

2009-12-13 22:25:29 by Ansel

hello good sirs and ladies

It's been a while since I posted on this website, for a variety of reasons, but politics aside I have a lot of things underway and I would like to share them.
1. the sequel to Larvae, Invertebrata. I've now started this film over 3 times and I think I've finally settled on how I'm going to work it -- this will be my first really fbf-heavy animation, and it'll be many months before it's completed. don't hold your breath.
2. a short little animation with robot arms and machinery that should be out in a week or two.
3. the long-awaited Defend Your Trump, hydraulic smashing arms and mad stax

and I have several ideas for games that I really want to see through -- unfortunately, none of them can be executed in Flash, and that brings me to my big question -- console development. I don't know how to do anything outside of flash, graphics/animationwise or programming-related. I've never done digital animation outside of Flash, and the technical side of games is a mystery to me. I do think I want to pursue this, though. my ultimate goal is to produce videogames and animation independently, and getting something out on XBLA or something similar is the best way I can think of to begin. If you guys can point me towards any resources for starting out that would be wonderful indeed. would anyone buy a game I made? is still unavailable and the guy who owns it still doesn't want to sell. I need a website, but I can't think of anything good for a name. If worst comes to worst I can register or something, but damn i want if you're reading this, greg ansel of financial strategies consulting group, YOU KNOW WHAT 2 DO

yeah that's about it, enjoy this scribbly and vague image

console dev. + hello


2009-12-09 22:14:58 by Ansel

I haven't posted here in about a billion years so here's some interesting and informative news
1. i'm not dead
2. i'm working on some things, games + movies etc.
3. longer more important newspost this weekend i think, I have big plans but cannot accomplish them on my own and i need help
4. i love you


obligatory post-comiccon recap

2009-08-09 22:19:21 by Ansel

so uhhh yeah if you weren't aware, I did actually attend the San Diego Comic Con this year! Since it's been like two weeks since the con, I thought I might as well make some kind of post about it.

On Wednesday, I departed the fair city of St. Paul, bound for California with my dad. When we arrived, we hung around in the lobby until our traveling companion arrived from Texas: J_Seed! since we were all pretty tired (and didn't have passes for preview night) we headed to our hotel.

Thursday was probably the craziest day of the con.
Since this was our first time going, and with this year's dire warnings of oversold passes and mile-long lines, we decided being there as early as possible was the best course of action. After picking up our passes without much difficulty, J and I headed to the exhibit hall while my dad departed to places unknown. you cannot comprehend how large the exhibit hall is. In all seriousness, it's probably the largest room I've ever been in. we wandered for a bit before seeing our first noteworthy person of the day--Doug Tennapel! Tennapel is the creative genius behind one of my favorite games of all time, The Neverhood, so I was very excited to meet him. It must be said that Tennapel is massive. 6'8", to be exact. easily the tallest person I've ever met in person. damn.

we continued our trek around the hall, finding various booths and getting autographs and free stuff, before finally winding up at the Newgrounds booth, where I met a couple people, including Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin, who were very busy scribbling on everything people handed them. I can't remember in what order or on what day I saw everyone else, so at the end of this post I'll just include a list of everybody. I think we wandered around the con for a while longer before heading to a panel with Scott McCloud and Bryan Lee O'Malley, talking about Scott Pilgrim. While waiting in line, we saw a long-haired fellow in a white shirt and instantly knew it was Kirbopher! We said hello and went along our way. later, we ran into BlueHippo on our way to see John K, the creator of Ren and Stimpy. When we arrived at the room, he was talking to someone a few feet away! we waited around until he noticed us, and got to say hello to him in person. very nifty.

after that it was evening time, roughly, and so we hopped in our batmobile and drove to the beach for Pen Ward's beach party! upon arrival, the beach seemed oddly lacking in adventure, so we wandered around asking groups of people if they were there with Pen. of course none of them were, so we were a bit perplexed. then a car pulled up and a big guy with a piano-key tie and a massive beard got out. he poked at his phone for a minute, then looked up and yelled ADVENTURE TIME! it was pen ward! he was equally unsure of where the party was, but after talking for a minute we found out it was at the other end of the beach. we jogged down there and saw a much larger gathering of jolly people. after standing around for a minute, a mysterious person came up to me and asked "are you... ansel?" who should it be but squeef! we sat around and talked for a bit before we got a call from Anigen wondering where the party was. after giving him directions and taking a short walk, we met up with him and returned to the beach. then, rtilshowed up. we all sat in a circle and plotted to destroy newgrounds. as we left the beach, we said hello to nath milburn and hans before heading to the hotel.

man that took forever, and thursday was the most eventful day, so I will make the next three much shorter


not a lot happened today. we walked around, maybe went to a panel or two i forgot, stopped at many booths!

this day was a remarkable day because I spent a lot of it in one auditorium. Hall H is the largest panel room at the convention, and that's where the really big-name events all take place--I was trying to get in to the Disney/Pixar panel, half to see their new stuff and half just to see Hayao Miyazaki. we got there like an hour early and waited in line for quite a while before finally getting into the Warner Bros. movie panel beforehand, a happy accident that resulted in me seeing ULTRA TOP SECRET trailers for movies that BARELY EVEN EXIST YET. Movie stars, directors, etc. Finally it was over, and rtil met us in the auditorium-- as has already been discussed elsewhere, anigen skipped out on it to hang out with some INTERNET SUPASTARS. Pixar spent a lot of time bragging about their new 3D releases, and how they plan to re-release Toy Story 1+2 in 3D. Yeah, it's fascinating that you can just re-render the film using 3D technology, but really, it's not that impressive. They did show a clip from their 3D conversion of Beauty and the Beast, though, and I did find that interesting--they've gone over the original cels and worked some kind of voodoo magic to give them a three-dimensional look. Not terribly stunning, but interesting.
FINALLY they got to the part everyone was waiting for, which was a clip from their new 2D film The Princess and the Frog. it looks absolutely fabulous, and the animation work is incredible--definitely some of the most elaborate I've seen recently. pumped to see it when it comes out. Then they brought out the man himself, HAYAO MIYAZAKI. Everyone cheered, and basically anything he said was met with applause. He talked a little bit about his ideas and inspiration, and then showed a lengthy clip from his new movie Ponyo, which comes out... uh, pretty soon. That also looks beautiful. After THAT panel, there was another one, with Tim Burton discussing 9, which also looks gret. EVERYTHING LOOKS GREAT OK

After leaving the auditorium, bleary and hungry, I wandered down to the i-mockery booth and said hello to BoMToons. For those of you not IN THE KNOW, he programmed Buccaneer Battle in a week, and did a damn good job of it, too. it was nifty to meet him, finally.

Then it was time for the NEWGROUNDS PARTY. Talked to various staff members, artists, and buddies of mine, ate gross food (sorry, tom :c ) and generally had a good time. I should mention that there was a special guest there - Jhonen Vasquez! He's apparently a fan of the behemoth, and so he showed up quietly and before I got a chance to talk to him he was surrounded by people :( I caught him as he was leaving, though, and got in a quick word about how much he inspired me back in the day.

this was the shortest day, since my flight left at 4 or something and we showed up at the con fairly late. I didn't even make it back to the NG booth to say goodbye to people :( J's flight wasn't until the next morning, and through a terrible chain of events he would up spending the night at the airport. SORRY, BRO :(

it was a lovely experience and i am tired of writing, maybe i will go back next year I DUNNO

oh yeah here's my list of people i met, too lazy to provide links, if i forgot you i'm sorry


Hans Van Harken
Dan Paladin


Craig McCracken
Lauren Faust
Matt Furie
Doug Tennapel
Pen Ward
John K

here is a beautiful drawing by ukinojoe, depicting the historic meeting of ansel and jseed

obligatory post-comiccon recap