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You Splooge, You Lose You Splooge, You Lose

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

what a lazy piece of shit.

seriously, what is this? It's painful to look at. You've taken the most obnoxious default colors possible and jammed them together into something that is incredibly unappealing. The layout and placement of things is good in theory, but you've managed to screw it up pretty well--why is the red-haired fella cut off by the text? it completely destroys the dynamic 3D effect. Also, I can't help but notice that the other characters mysteriously disappear between his legs.

The title is confusing to read and looks terrible. Gradients are a novelty and should be used in moderation, and this is just an abuse of them. why did you use this strange, slapped together combination of perspectives and shapes? it's difficult to read and looks out of place, especially combined with the simply-rendered (but really idiotic) tagline. I just noticed that the tagline is off-center. Seriously, how many minutes (seconds?) did it take you to hack this together?

the shading is bizarre and doesn't really show any kind of light source. you appear to have given up entirely on making it even a parody of reality, and have instead decided to just wing it and scribble in some shadows with no regard for how light really works.

ugh i'm sick of writing, why did I do this

Kirbopher responds:

I...don't know?